I began my artistic career as an illustrator. I sold my first drawing at 15. Over the years I enjoyed many art careers from painting large public murals, hand painted sinks, to one of a kind fairies. My work is still seen in exhibits around the United States and Europe.
In 2015 I returned to my first love. Drawing. I deconstruct memories, dreams, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of childhood and adult culture. I use a 4/0 Rapidograph technical pen which is smaller then a human hair. I draw with sepia ink. The values are achieved by repetition. The darkest values taking over 100 strokes of the pen to accomplish. I draw on Arches Hot press archival paper. I color each drawing with Luminance Caran D'Ache pencils. I prefer to wear an OptiVisor as this removes the discomfort I experience from glasses and keeps me very focused on my work. Only when I’ve finished a piece a story will reveal itself.

I haven't stopped making my tiny one of a kind art dolls. A Garden Fairy stands less then 5 inches tall. Each tiny face is sculpted after the likeness of a child that I know and love. Outfits are a collection of hand dyed silk, vintage and antique fabrics, lace and trims that might have started out as a costume on Broadway or perhaps even the Moulin Rouge.
I use these materials to capture a sense of wonder in each piece.

Artist Statement

I believe the doorway to imagination is a great big door. The first time I walked through it I was five years old, sitting in my mother’s garden. I had a firsthand encounter with a fairy. Over in the blink of an eye, the memory stayed with me until my hands could finally accomplish what my heart had seen so long ago. Now when I close my eyes at the end of the day, my mind takes me on a journey to magical places. Sometimes the stories follow me back into the morning where I fill my studio with new art.